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Many of us always have a handful of Apex Coins burning a virtual hole in our Apex Legends account wallet – it’s hard to avoid picking up a Legend skin or two when there are so many fantastic ones on offer. The upcoming Dark Depths event may not be a collectibles event, but it will add a new selection of cosmetics to Apex Legends and some of the best will be available in store rotation.

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s to come Apex Legends shop in the next few weeks…

What’s coming to the Apex Legends Store for this event?

Apex Legends’ Dark Depths event will run for three weeks, but it doesn’t look like there will be three event store rotations. Interestingly, we’re only getting one update to the event-limited items available in the Apex Legends store during the upcoming event.

Here’s how things should go, according to Respawn Entertainment…

First week – from January 11 to January 18

  • Dark Depths Pack – Apex Pack (400 pieces)
  • Dweller of the Deep – Ashe Skin (1,800 coins)
  • Broseidon Pack – Fuze Skin / Apex Pack (2,500 pieces)
  • Broseidon – Fuze Skin (1,800 pieces)
  • Siren’s Song Pack – R99 Skin / Apex Pack (4,000 pieces)
  • Deathproof Pack – Revenant Skin / Emote (2,150 pieces)
  • Fashion Pack – Bangalore Skin / Flatline Skin (2,150 pieces)

Second week – from January 18 to February 1

  • Dark Depths Pack – Apex Pack (400 pieces)
  • Overfloater – Horizon Skin (1,800 pieces)
  • Broseidon Pack – Fuze Skin / Apex Pack (2,500 pieces)
  • My Wave – Lifeline Skin (1,800 pieces)
  • Siren’s Song Pack – R99 Skin / Apex Pack (4,000 pieces)
  • Void Protector Bundle – Wraith Skin / Apex Pack (1,800 pieces)
  • High Drop Pack – Wattson Skin / Emote (2,150 pieces)
Apex Legends Dark Depths Event
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BROSEIDON – Lots of great skins on offer!

To clarify, the Denizen of the Deep skin is only available for week one and the Overfloater and My Wave skins are only available for week two and three. So… Be sure to log in to grab those skins if you want them ASAP!

The Dark Depths event is scheduled to start on January 11 and last for three weeks, until January 4. You can check out the event trailer below…


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