Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Store Rotation and Start Time


Apex Legends’ Raiders Collection event is almost here and there’s a lot to offer – it’s time to ditch the candy canes and snowmen and hit the high seas with all the candy-themed cosmetics. proposed pirates! Below you can check out the full in-game store rotation for the Raiders Collection event – there is no party skin in sight!

NEW LOOK – Check out some of the new skins!

We might not know when the Festive Skins will be available, but the skins for the Apex Legends Raiders Collection event will be available soon and Respawn entertainment shared a new take on them on social media.

Here’s an overview of the Burial at Sea Revenant skin and the Deep Current Wattson skin, both of which will be available in the Apex Legends Store for the duration of the event.

Burial at sea – Revenant

Deep Current – Wattson

Raiders Store Rotation – What’s Next?

The Raiders Collection event will run for two weeks in Apex Legends and there is two weeks of event-related content in the store rotation revealed by Respawn entertainment earlier this week. As you can see below, two of the event related packs will be available for the duration of the Raiders Collection event.

Raiders Collector’s Event – Week One Store Rotation

  • Burial at Sea Pack – Revenant (5,000 Apex Coins)
  • Deep Current Pack – Wattson (2,500 Apex Coins)
  • Gibraltron Bundle – Gibraltar (2150 Apex Coins)
  • Bring the Bundle of Pain – Bangalore (2150 Apex Coins)
  • Killing Machine – Bangalore Skin (1250 Apex Coins)
  • Hot Series – Devotional Skin (1250 Apex Coins)
  • Breach and Clear – Lifeline Skin (1250 Apex Coins)
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NEW AND OLD – There’s a lot to offer this time around

Raiders Collector’s Event – Week 2 Store Rotation

  • Burial at Sea Pack – Revenant (5,000 Apex Coins)
  • Deep Current Pack – Wattson (2,500 Apex Coins)
  • Killing Joke Bundle – Caustic (2150 Apex Coins)
  • faster faster faster! Bundle – Octane (2150 Apex Coins)
  • Sonic Boom – Octane Skin (1250 Apex Coins)
  • Amped Up – Alternator Skin (1250 Apex Coins)
  • Boogie Down – Mirage Skin (1250 Apex Coins)

This should be available alongside the standard item rotation in the Apex Legends store, so don’t worry if you don’t like any of the new cosmetics above. The Raiders Collection event is scheduled to start on December 7 and is scheduled to run for two weeks, until December 21.


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