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Our experienced event planning team in London have a proven track record of generating innovative ideas in the design, construction and delivery of a wide variety of live events, ranging from a landmark corporate event to virtual events for team building, themed award ceremonies and creative product launches.

Boo Productions, founded in 2004, specializes in the management, design and production of events. The London-based company has a skilled, creative and passionate team that works hard to design and deliver events in the most creative way possible. The company has extensive experience in design and production, and its main objective is to offer the best events tailored to its level. The company is renowned for its creativity and for its team of professionals who strive to design events in innovative ways by thinking outside the box. Boo Productions has recently gained popularity for offering Corporate event management services to their clients in London.

As the London-based production company has extensive in-house capacity, the team of professionals including designers, event managers and production team can handle everything for your event. Throughout the process of developing event concepts, budgets, payments and deliveries, the team ensures that everything stays on track. For many years, the company has been providing innovative and exciting corporate event ideas flawlessly managed by the team. Besides delivering the concept of originality through the designs and productions, the main goal is to bring creativity to every event. The company also organizes events to connect with the public and provide them with entertainment throughout the event.

“Our experienced team can effortlessly support your event from start to finish, saving you long hours and late nights. From planning corporate events in London to building teams and finding venues, we can help. We also provide great entertainment for corporate events and fully understand the need to connect with an audience. So if you are looking for a corporate events company in London, look no further for a service that can provide it all. From the very beginning of Boo, we have strived to offer the best in bespoke events to businesses and individuals with a client list we can be proud of. With many years of experience in production, directing and events, we offer the highest level of work in an ever-changing industry,” says the owner of Boo Production.

Apart from providing commendable event management services in London, the company is also gaining notoriety in other international countries due to its participation in Global event management. The company marks its place and reputation in the distant new world by providing event design and production services to various cities, including Paris, Denver, New York, Washington DC, Palo Alto and Seattle. Boo Productions was selected to manage events globally due to their excellent work and extensive experience in event management, design and production. The company and its event production team have made sure to prove themselves as one of the best event management companies in the world by delivering creative and high quality work at every venue.

Apart from corporate event management and design, the company has also stepped forward to handle children’s events, virtual events, wedding styling, and more. Bespoke design and unique storytelling is one of the reasons clients choose Boo Production to handle children’s parties and other events, including Christmas, birthdays, company days, and more. The children or their parents come up with the desired theme and the company ensures that the party is truly unique.

The company has been creating memorable events for adults and children for many years, which has led the company to partner with creative marketing campaigns. Additionally, the company’s creative team has a background and experience in show writing, comedy, training, and directing. Therefore, the company has been there to teach several people the path of deliverance, performance, and implementation. With experience with thousands of breathtaking stage shows to secret bandstand stages, the company will help customers produce an outstanding seasonal show with an exciting and unique storyline to make it stand out from the crowd. . “With many years of experience in production, directing and events, we offer the highest level of work in an ever-changing industry. Trust us with your next activation brief and we’ll send you an innovative proposal that’s sure to engage your consumer in a meaningful way and leave a lasting impression. At Boo Productions, we apply high production and creative values ​​to all of our virtual events. We have several excellent turnkey solutions and the ability to custom build a bespoke virtual world. Even in a virtual setting, we provide excellent corporate virtual event entertainment and fully understand the need to connect with an audience. So if you are looking for a virtual events company in London, look no further for a service that can provide it all,” adds the owner..

At Boo Productions, clients have the certainty of having all events covered in an innovative way thanks to the company’s high production values ​​and creativity for all our virtual events. The company has had huge success in hiding virtual events that have led to increased attendance and benefited from reduced travel costs, as well as significantly reduced overhead. The virtual production includes several events named: Virtual Drag Queen Cabaret, Virtual Corporate Events, Virtual Murder Mystery, Virtual Family Events, Virtual Game Shows, Virtual Cocktail Hour, etc. All successful events are the result of hard work by the team and the ability to produce something with creativity and skill.

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About the company:

Boo Productions is a highly creative company with many years of experience providing event management, design and production services to clients in London and around the world.

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