calendar: Google Calendar update makes it easier for users to manage accounts and events


google added some new features to its Calendar app allowing users to easily manage invitations and manage multiple accounts. The highlight however is the new ‘Automatique Add an invitation setting that gives users more control over the invitations they receive.
The company announced these new features via an official blog post and, according to the blog, the Automatically adding an invitation setting will help users prevent unwanted invitations from being added to their calendar and
Google Calendar will now give users the option to add invitations to their calendar that they have responded to. The calendar application with this update will give users two options to choose from – Always auto-add invites and Only auto-add them if you have responded in the event invite email.
Google also moved the notification option to the Notifications section to help users better manage when they want to be notified of an invite.
Under this, users will now have the option to receive notifications only if they have responded to an invitation with “yes” or “maybe”.
Apart from this, Google has also added a profile tile at the top of the app similar to other Google apps. This makes it easy for users to see which account calendar they are currently interacting with. The new profile tile will also allow users to easily switch between multiple accounts.
The feature is currently rolling out to all Google Account users, including Personal, and it’s a rapid rollout that will take around 15 days to reach users.


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