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BATH, England, September 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Event Store today announced that it has secured Series A funding from strategic investor Qualasept Holdings (“QH”).

Event Store is the company behind EventStoreDB, the popular open source event stream database. EventStoreDB was open source in 2012 and has relatively quietly built a solid business. At the end of 2018, Event Store Limited was established and an expanded management, engineering and support team was put in place. The Series A investment represents the next step in Event Store’s growth towards adoption of EventStoreDB in the broader database market.

EventStoreDB is an operational “record source” database technology. It has similarities to event-driven integration technologies, such as Apache Kafka, from a flow and API perspective. However, it was designed from the ground up for database workloads. Dave Remy, CEO of Event Store, explains, “Most mainstream database technologies, whether relational, graphical, or document-oriented, retain the latest state of data, discarding old data as it changes. In contrast, EventStoreDB, the leader in the emerging class of databases called Event Stores, is specifically designed to persist changes with the business context of those changes, in the form of events. The current state can then be derived from replaying the event stream. This model enables a myriad of benefits, including powerful auditing, debugging, caching, occasionally logged scenarios, and much more.”

Event stores are the basis of the increasingly popular Event Sourcing design model.

EventStoreDB applies to all industries and is especially useful for those with challenging audit requirements, such as financial services and healthcare. Innovative companies like Walmart, Xero, Insureon, Linedata, Made.com, UK National Health Service, Swiss Air Traffic Control and many more use EventStoreDB in critical production environments.

Building on its momentum, the company is launching Event Store Cloud, a multi-cloud database as a service (DBaaS). The subscription service, currently in preview, will provide the convenience of the cloud and make EventStoreDB more accessible to developers and businesses of all sizes.

“As applications increasingly move toward event-driven architectures, foundational platforms like EventStoreDB will be a critical first source of truth for capturing and enabling analysis of event data. This technology will generate significant and measurable value across multiple industries,” said Ben KoladaDirector, Head of DataTech at ICON Corporate Finance.

“From the time Greg Young and his team released EventStoreDB in 2012, it is the go-to database for CQRS and Event Sourcing projects. This Series A investment represents a new milestone for Event Store and EventStoreDB. We will accelerate the development of Event Store Cloud, improve the developer experience, increase scalability, and create new products and services to help developers build systems within an event-driven architecture,” dave remy noted.

Technology investment bank ICON Corporate Finance advised Event Store on the transaction and the structuring of the business, while QH was advised by BDO, Roxburgh Milkins Limited and Alantra.

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