India News | Hooda says Haryana budget is mere ‘event management’, ‘disappointing’


Chandigarh, Mar 21 (PTI) Senior Congressman Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Monday described Haryana’s budget for 2022-23 as merely “event management” and “disappointing”.

Taking part in the discussion on the budget forecast for 2022-23, the Leader of the Opposition said that although the government claims to have presented a tax-free budget, the prices of all essentials are out of people’s reach. ordinary because of inflation, which is taxation without legislation.

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Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, who holds the finance portfolio, presented the budget to the House on March 8.

“This budget is just event management and disappointing,” Hooda said.

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He described the budget as the work of an amateur mechanic “who has opened up an engine but doesn’t know how to put it back together”.

“Government says it has granted tax-free budget. But on the other hand, the prices of all essentials are beyond the reach of ordinary people. Inflation is taxation without legislation Ask women from ordinary families how difficult it is for them to manage the household budget,” he said.

The Congress leader also delved into the state government’s “Gram Sanrakshak Yojana”, under which officers will adopt a village and work towards its development, saying that while serving and retired officers will “supervise development in the villages, then what is the need for elected panchayats.

Hooda also targeted the state government for not filling vacancies in various ministries.

“Under this government, about 1 lakh positions are vacant in ministries. Today, there are no teachers in schools, no doctors in hospitals and no employees in government offices. By not recruiting employees, the government has done the job of minimizing itself.

“Government does not hold elections for gram panchayats…Government postpones elections but makes unnecessary appointments as associates of good governance,” he said.

The Leader of the Opposition said that Haryana is facing multiple problems and the government has no solutions.

“The state is facing problems such as inflation, unemployment, corruption, agrarian crisis, deterioration of public order, economic slowdown, falling investment, rising debt, declining levels of education, health services, employee dissatisfaction, poor road conditions, increasing poverty and depletion of forests, but there are no solutions in sight,” he said. he said.

He alleged that the current government has pushed the state into a debt trap.

“The borrowing rate is higher than the growth rate of the GSDP. The government has to borrow even to repay the debt. If seen in its entirety, Haryana today has a debt of around Rs 3 lakh crores,” he said.

Hooda also accused the government of turning a blind eye to the unemployment problem.

The former chief minister said the government had talked about implementing the new education policy and the plan was to spend 6% of the state’s gross domestic product (GSDP) on education.

“Far from increasing spending on education, it has been cut by 1%. The government’s attitude towards education can be gauged by the fact that there are 46 colleges in the state which don’t even have their own building and that 127 colleges don’t even have a principal,” he said.

“Similarly, in the health sector, the government has been announcing medical colleges in every district for many years, but not a single medical college has been built so far,” he said. .

Hooda alleged that nearly half of the sugarcane farmers’ payment is pending.

“Farmers are not getting MSP for different crops including bajra, and farmers who grow vegetables like potatoes have to sell their crops at a loss. Farmers also do not get the appropriate price for their crops and do not get DAP fertilizer and urea in time.

“The government has talked about doubling farmers’ incomes by 2022, but farmers know the reality. Farmer input costs have doubled due to rising inflation,” he said.

Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) leader Abhay Singh Chautala also participated in the budget discussion.

He said the chief minister had claimed it was a visionary budget, but that did not appear to be the case.

“Budgetary provisions have been cut for the education and rural development sectors, while state debt is mounting,” he said.

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