Mala Yacht becomes the best yacht event management company in Dubai


Your special events require special arrangements, so Mala Yacht is here to make your events an everlasting memory. Book Yacht for any type of event. Mala Yacht will ensure to keep its name as the best yacht event management company in Dubai.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Dubai, United Arab Emirates April 21, 2022 ( – If you’re someone who likes to celebrate events in a unique way, we have great news for you.

Mala Yachts; already known for its best services, is now expanding to further facilitate its customers to the maximum. With each passing day, they are including more facilities, attractions and services to their profile, but their ability to manage events by providing a unique venue to celebrate any little one to the big event that should excite you.

If you are looking for a perfect place to celebrate your events in Dubai, whatever it may be, Mala Yachts is the name you can trust. They have been providing event management services for over a decade and with their outstanding services, today; they are known to be the best yacht event management company in Dubai. Mala Yachts is known for its upscale customer hospitality as well as first class amenities.

According to their representative: “We believe in the uniqueness of each event. We understand how important it is for you to organize the perfect event for your guest. At Mala Yacht, you won’t have to worry. We have amazing staff on board who will execute all your thoughts related to the perfect event in the best way. We work with attention to detail so that nothing is missing to make you feel bad. With easy booking policies, feel free to have your event celebrated on the yacht under our supervision. We’ll make you fall in love and that’s our promise.What’s inside the box?

When you choose Mala Yacht for your event management, you will be surprised at the variety of yachts they offer. You have the choice between several magnificent yachts at Mala Yachts, from the 33-foot yacht to the 220-foot superyacht. You can choose from a variety of options, ranging from small meetings to large-scale celebrations or events. Take a look at our yachts and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Some of the beauties of Event Yachts, specially designed for your events, are listed here:

  • Ocean Empress Dhow
  • Lotus Mega Yacht
  • Desert Pink Yacht
  • Virgin Yacht
  • ocean dream
  • pearl of the ocean

Each of the yachts is designed to provide you with the ultimate luxury while being spacious enough to accommodate your guests. You can choose one of those for a number of events. Even if you are planning to have a destination wedding or a wedding on a yacht in Dubai; Mala Yachts is the best option to choose. From the ambience, to the decor, to the food and drink; they take good care of it. Your ideal wedding destination is just steps away.

Not only does it end here! Mala Yachts has exclusive yachts to complete your corporate events as well. Whether you want to host a product launch or celebrate company success, yachts are the perfect place to do it.

You can also book Mala Yachts for other events like birthdays, engagements, etc. Another cool thing is that you can design your own custom packages with them. They have trained staff in their customer service that will help you get the best packages on your bucket list. They make sure your money is spent the right way and that all you can have is a memorable yacht event.

Why have Mala Yachts for your events?

  • Professional skipper and crew on board
  • Yacht and crew are fully insured
  • Yacht supplied with all safety equipment on board

Come and check the website for the detailed characteristics of Mala Yachts. Similar to Mala Yacht which is known for its best Yacht event management, Mala Tourism has become the best destination management company in Dubai.


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