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COVID-19 has led to many events being digitized instead of canceled due to the powerful technology governing many online videos and live streaming platforms.

While restrictions have started to ease in many locations in 2021, in-person event planning is largely back on the rise with a few caveats. Planners and event managers must now focus on health and safety considerations such as social distancing and other COVID security measures while juggling the merits of a virtual option for an event in anybody.

Many assume that event managers found it easier to switch to online-only events amid lockdowns and heavy restrictions on in-person activities. However, Boston University Assistant Professor Joanne Dennison Explain, “A well-designed and well-managed virtual meeting takes as much work as a face-to-face meeting. More than logistics, how to make it interesting? How to make it entertaining… ”

Dennison believes the pandemic will make activities hybrid, with both an in-person and virtual option, “the norm as opposed to the exception.”

Staying aware of COVID-19 considerations when planning and managing hybrid activities is a lot of work for event managers. A wide range of event management software, tools and platforms have emerged to take advantage of lucrative market opportunities and help the ticketing and event management industry continue to grow and develop. to adapt.

Using PhoenixDAO’s Revolutionary App to Plan Events and Purchase Tickets

Relying on blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi), PhoenixDAO DApp events is an Eventbrite-style platform for any user to host an event or buy and sell tickets to an already existing event. Phoenix’s PHNX-ID solution allows all tickets to be tied to a user’s unique ecosystem identity. They will remain securely linked with the particular user wherever they go. Smart contracts govern events and associated activities, such as ticket issuance, payment processing, and reimbursement.

Event managers can use the dApp to create free events or opt for a paid event, with attendees paying the required fee in PHNX tokens. In September, the PhoenixDAO team noted how additional cryptocurrencies and ramp methods would be incorporated over the next few months.

Event creation customization options include standard fields such as location, time, date, venue, and category, as well as the ability for exclusive and customizable ticket quantities. The created events are instantly uploaded to the events marketplace with the event image and data stored using IPFS technology.

The use of blockchain technology and DeFi eliminates the risk of duplicate or counterfeit banknotes, buying wholesale and accumulating tickets to resell them at a higher price. Counterfeit tickets have plagued the event industry for years due to the many security limitations of traditional ticketing platforms.

The problem of fraudulent or manipulated tickets remained high throughout 2021, as thieves remain interested in taking advantage of sold-out events as coronavirus restrictions continue to ease in many places. From January to June 2021, UK officials valued around 1 million GBP (approx. 1,363,000 USD) had already been lost due to ticket fraud.

Mid-September, PhoenixDAO announcement a range of platform optimizations and enhancements to its Events dApp. Team members worked to optimize the user interface, partnering with Transak to provide integrated fiat ramp services, fiat-to-crypto deposits and withdrawals. They have deployed multi-chain support so that dApp users can view and host events on Ethereum or Polygon. Advanced interoperability between chains means event handlers can use whatever network they choose while taking advantage of the robust architecture of either platform. The project also recently announced its main developer update which fixed many issues and improved performance in its brand new event dApp.

PhoenixDAO revealed more details about an affiliate program with, a popular, crypto-friendly travel reservation service with over 3,000,000 travel products worldwide. Through the program, dApp users will log in and book any of Travala’s properties in 230 countries.

PhoenixDAO’s Events dApp remains a complete, simple and secure solution for buying and selling tickets and creating events by leveraging the unique capabilities of decentralized finance and blockchain technology. Event managers interested in taking advantage of the Events app can visit the PhoenixDAO website to To start.

About PhoenixDAO

PhoenixDAO is a revolutionary decentralized environment that has curated a list of flagship dApps, all designed to create a more rewarding and accommodating environment for the crypto community. PhoenixDAO is powered by The DAO (System of Governance), Staking dApp, Events dApp and the dApp Store.

PhoenixDAO is a stand-alone project with unique protocols (identity management, authentication, payment and tokenization protocols), which creates a secure and secure decentralized space.

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