Aventri integrates CLEAR Health Pass into its event management platform


Adventurous is in partnership with CLEAR to ensure the safety of people at live events. The company is an event management software (EMS) provider, and it will integrate The CLEAR Health Pass App with its own mobile app and event registration platform to help customers expedite health screenings during the pandemic.

Health Pass is a free app that allows users to link health information such as vaccination records and COVID-19 test results to a secure digital identity. The platform also makes it easy to share this information with a third party. People will receive a QR code once their documents have been uploaded and verified, and event staff can scan this QR code to confirm their status when they arrive at the venue. On-site verification only takes a few seconds, assuming the necessary documents have been submitted in advance.

The technology gives people a way to prove they are vaccinated and free from COVID-19, without forcing them to divulge other personal information. Event organizers will simply know that guests have the correct documents, but won’t have access to more detailed records.

Aventri is a flexible platform, so customers can use it to set their own health requirements based on local and federal laws and their own private company policies. Health Pass, on the other hand, does not require organizers to purchase new equipment and requires minimal training for event staff.

“Aventri is committed to helping organizers run events with confidence,” said Kurt Chessman, vice president of corporate development and strategy for Aventri. “Health Pass combines proven identity technology with health information to provide a powerful solution that helps people get back to live events safer and faster than would otherwise be possible.”

Digital badges, on-site payments and exhibitor lead capture are some of the other features available through the Aventri platform. Health Pass has now been used for screening at a number of major events, including last month MWC Los Angeles Exhibition. CLEAR has also formed similar partnerships with Tappit, the NBA and the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas.

November 8, 2021 – by Eric Weiss


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