Evenesis event management software enables transparent event management, saves time, facilitates marketing and increases sales


Evenesis provides customized and localized software solutions for event management, conference management and virtual event hosting. It allows businesses to connect with the public before, during and after the event. It makes it easy to develop websites for the event, simplifies registrations, enables integrated online payments and does more.

According to announcements published by Evenesis and Yusno Yunos, event management software developed by the team at this company is versatile and has already helped event management companies do a lot more with their time and resources.

Event registration and RSVP feature with this software have customizable templates. Users can set events as private with unique codes and passwords that grant access. Registration for the event can be connected to a payment gateway of the customer’s choice. Successful registrations are immediately recognized by an automatic e-mail and electronic ticket.

Evenisis supports analysis via real-time data on ticket sales, email responses, payments made, and more. It serves as a dashboard to track the progress of an event. Data can easily be shared across multiple platforms and transferred to Excel for study.

Evenesis facial recognition-based event recordings are 15 times faster than manual recordings and five times faster than barcode-based checks. The software streamlines event registrations by identifying attendees using photos uploaded during pre-registration.

The Evènesis virtual event platform allows users to host all types of events, including conferences, workshops and product launches for only 50 people and up to 10,000.

The software provides a virtual hall for attendees, an interactive program, discussions, live question-and-answer sessions, premium support, analytics, and more.

Evenesis has the five essential features that a virtual event platform must have. These are the personalization of the website, app, email templates, etc. This should make communication and engagement easier, such as integrated email and text messages. Users should be able to monetize the event smoothly.

For more information, visit https://www.evenesis.com/

Evenesis’s Yusno Yunos said, “A virtual event, or more commonly referred to as an online event, is an organized gathering that takes place over the Internet. Virtual events, which do not require attendees to gather and meet in a real location, allow people around the world to experience the event and its content online while staying where they are.

Well, we are no strangers to virtual events in today’s society affected by COVID. People stay at home or work from home since the government imposed stay-at-home and work-from-home orders.

With virtual events being a niche component of the event industry, many individuals and companies have gradually shifted their activities to the online platform for more exposure. Check out this collection of resources to help you get the most out of online or virtual events for your business. Virtual events are the future. The right virtual event platform for your event will help you recreate the mood of physical events through digital experiences. Unlike virtual meeting software designed for small groups, a virtual events platform includes more interactive features and event rooms to divide speakers and users.

Physical distancing is the keystone in preventing the transmission of contagious diseases in the face of the pandemic. The current trend revolves entirely around remote participants. Virtual events have made their way into the event industry, and the physical experience will soon be optional. “

About the company:

Created in 2010, Evenesis – Y Us Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company with a strong customer base in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. He designs customizable software for corporate event planners, professional conference planners, exhibition planners and training companies. The software streamlines processes, saves time, and helps event managers confidently meet deadlines.

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Company Name: Evenesis – Y Us Sdn Bhd
Contact: Yusno Yunos
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Call: +603 8408 2112
Address:1-2B, Incubator 1, Technology park
City: Bukit Jalil 57000
State: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Website: https://www.evenesis.com/


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