Party Cruisers India – The dark horse of the Indian event management industry


Indian weddings, known for being larger than life, were curtailed last year due to COVID-19. Last year, wedding season folks opted for low-key celebrations in smaller venues with fewer guests and rituals, but India’s wedding industry has started to return to its peak. The global definition of a wedding has been completely transformed and one of the pioneers in transforming the Indian wedding and event management industry is Zuzer and Rachana founded “Party Cruisers India Limited”.

Founded in 1994, Party Cruisers India Limited (PCL) specializes in organizing weddings and events. The company offers a variety of facilities for weddings and events. Wedding management services range from pre-wedding, during-wedding, and post-wedding events such as in-house design, naming wedding event decoration, floral trade, and more.

With the motto of creating an “AWE” experience and an “AESTHETIC” atmosphere for all its customers. PCL’s event services range from planning and marketing to production and decoration, and more. scenography, entertainment), post-event support (final distribution of materials, evaluation of delegate participation, post-event report) – Zuzer says his team takes care of everything.

With 26 years of significant experience and highly evolved event management, the sole focus of Lucknowala Duos is to provide clients with a hassle-free wedding management experience, provide their immediate family members and their guests a personalized and professional treatment, to have a range of services from the creation and management of the parameters which guarantee a very warm hospitality to the concepts and wedding themes which make family dreams and aspirations a reality.

Party Cruisers India Limited offers professional services under the trademarks “Vivaah”, “Vows-Away and Beyond”, “Event Factory” and “Live Space”.

VIVAAH organizes customary weddings in India and offers convenience, cost effectiveness, variety of settings, ambience options depending on the venue, location, budget, choices and passion desired by the prospective couple and their members. family. It also offers all pre-wedding services for celebrations, events, trousseau, jewelry, venue, location, gifts, etc.

VOWS-AWAY AND BEYOND organizes destination weddings in India and abroad, also offers similar services as VIVAAH. EVENT FACTORY organizes corporate events, corporate meetings, parties, corporate seminars, conference management, luxury brands, product launches, lifestyle events, fashion events, exhibitions, fairs, entertainment show management services, pan-India activations and artist management in India.

LIVE SPACE in which the company provides a sense of liveliness during the process of carrying out a particular event. Zuzer says, “We create an atmosphere of emotional connection, whether with clients or other prospects. We also carefully consider the event concept, design flow, venue, decor and guest journey. Events such as weddings, social functions, award ceremonies, live entertainment shows, roadshows, brand launches, food festivals, etc. fall under the category of live events. Our services under the “Live Space”

Apart from in-house brands, the company has a successful franchise model, Rachana says the company believes in a profitable partnership model that offers many opportunities for people who wish to partner with us. To retain and respect the identity of each individual who chooses to partner with us, we encourage and explore ideas together and pay close attention to every detail where strict adherence to the quality of services we provide to our clients excels. Everytime. Every time a person chooses a partner with us, not only will they be able to use our brand name, but they will also gain experience and develop as the brands have more than 16 years of experience. in offering signed marriages to clients.

The company has some of the largest and most successful client testimonials and past works under its pot like Salman Khan’s 50th birthday celebration, Shahid Kapoor’s wedding, Arpita Khan’s wedding at Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad and the reception – Taj Land Ends in Mumbai and many other elite events.

With the goal of creating maximum value for stakeholders and investors, PCL enjoys a competitive advantage with a strong and established brand, profitable franchise model, diversified business operations and revenue base, and by putting the focus on increasing reach in India and international marriage. Party Cruisers India leadership is poised to grow in the Indian event industry.

Extravagant and glamorous weddings are an integral part of Indian culture and the lure of lavish tradition will continue to outweigh the pandemic.

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